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Victoria + Albert Bath International Design Competition

Regional runner-up (Australasia)

Perth-based designer Erica Zaino crafted this bathroom to resonate a natural and elegant escape from the day-to-day pressures of modern living. The choice of a light colour palette allows natural light to reflect, and contributes to the sense of relaxation and serenity. The use of natural materials such as timber and marble allow the occupant to return to a feeling of a enhanced wellbeing. The waterfall shower also contributes to this feeling of escaping into nature. The living walls behind the tall, narrow mirrors contribute to a sense of tropical glamour and immersion into the natural atmosphere, and make the whole design particularly unique and compelling.

Judges Comments:

"There were unique elements in this design; the ceiling height, the full length windows, and the central positioning of the Taizu bath. It feels open and light, and the foliage brings the outside in." - Amy Heffernan, Wallpaper* Magazine

plan bath.png
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