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Marina di Loano YAC competition

Not unlike Einstein's dream of gravitational waves, the Wave Effect concept, at Marina di Loano dears to dream such a complex surreal identification with the wave itself by reinforcing and consolidating the nature of the surroundings. The Landscape and public paths are inspired by the ripples and waves. These curvilinear lines and green areas are to create a rich and attractive area. A space that needs to be identified as a place built around a strong landscape framework that promotes and engages with the local context and incentivised by the accents of additional green spaces in order to motivate the residents to do healthy activities with the suggestion of an outdoor activity park and bicycle paths.

The design intent is to cover all the existing archetypical boats building with a sinus roof structure that also constitute a visible repeated form: the wave. The undulation of the wave is consistently present in the waters and the mountains which form the natural context of where the buildings are situated. The aim is to convert the existing Yacht club into a world class building which is sustainable and camouflages with the surrounding backdrops of the mountains merging harmoniously with the landscape. Its suggestive location accommodates a double storey restaurant with terracing decks. On the second floor the gym has been positioned to take full advantage of the sea and mountain views. 

The adjacent building, also originally designed as a boat archetype is being internally re-designed to serve its new function as a hotel.

axon colours.jpg

By re-designing the boat tracking, the entry by water to the marina is reimagined as a welcomed mat that extends to its re-formed landscape.

Berthed vessels spiralling like the arms of a compass, spinning within the boat archetype of construction, nestled within the wave project matrix, the new skin forms like a chrysalis, to a complete metamorphosis of such a gravitational wave bending the fabric of mass and matter. This chrysalis constitutes a new reality stitched to the retained existing buildings archetypes that combined together form negative spaces. Those are to be characterized as a limbo between the new construction and the existing becoming semi-outdoor spaces.


With the demolition of the medieval court archetype, the new office building accommodates interconnected multi level floor atrium space allowing daylight into the building. Flexibility is the key attribute to the newly designed building. Green roof gardens and first floor connections through the buildings and a vertical solar shading device screen are some of the elements that comprise the qualities for creating these passive design constructions.

DIAGRTAMS Model (1).jpg
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