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Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2024

The Temple of Time   -  2024


"The Temple of Time" is a contemporary art installation, designed to evoke reflection and introspection. Constructed using translucent polycarbonate panels, this sculptural work stands as a testament to the ever-changing nature of time and light.

The structure welcomes visitors with its open design, inviting them to step into a space of tranquillity and contemplation. The absence of a traditional ceiling allows for an unobstructed view of the sky, fostering a sense of connection to the natural world and the rhythms of the day.

During daylight hours, the polycarbonate panels filter sunlight, casting a soft, diffused glow throughout the space. The interplay of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing spectacle, as shadows dance across the panels, continually shifting and evolving with the passage of time.

As evening falls, the installation undergoes a dramatic transformation. Solar lights installed within the polycarbonate panels illuminate the structure from within, casting a ethereal glow that bathes the surrounding landscape in soft light. The once-translucent panels now take on a radiant quality, emitting a gentle luminescence that invites visitors to linger and explore.

Throughout the day and into the night, "The Temple of Time" serves as a sanctuary for reflection and contemplation. Visitors are encouraged to pause and immerse themselves in the ever-changing play of light and shadow, finding moments of solace and serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

"The Temple of Time" is more than just a work of art; it is a living, breathing testament to the beauty of impermanence and the power of transformation. Through its unconventional use of polycarbonate and dynamic relationship with light, the installation invites viewers to embrace the fleeting nature of existence and find beauty in the passage of time.

Photo by Serena Thomas

Photo by Andy Tay

Photo by Richard Watson

EricaZaino_TheTempleOfTime_SxSCottesloe2024_PhotoTõnis Männigo17.jpg

Photo by Tõnis Männigo


Photo by Richard Watson

Castaways 2023

With “who am I?” the artist intention is to bring a visual and engaging message to the public.

The artwork consists in the use of recycled plastic. 

Mannequins are most know as objects of mass production representative of the idealistic human form.

In this case the mannequin, a man or a woman, is the personification of the humankind.

The golden finish to the mannequin relates to the visual aspect, the manifestation of the outer self which includes our presence in the physical world as a role model.

There is an invisible mirror here, where the man kind is looking deep down at itself to find out what is inside. The tension between the inner self and outer self is common in the modern world.

The inner self is the crucial aspect of our identity and the key to our happiness and effectiveness as human beings.

What are the things that make ‘us humans’ the best we can be?

The inner self is transparent, hollow, left as a blank canvas. It is a question that makes us think “who would we like to be?”

It is up to the individual who wants to identify with.

The transparent mannequin symbolizes the intent of humankind. the plastic bottles cut out represent each human that if acting as a collective can change things for a better tomorrow. Bringing across the message of a good will, for instance in this case the message of recycling.


Sculptures by the sea Cottesloe 2023

Labyrinth- Labirinto  -  2023 ALCOA ALUMINUM AWARD WINNING

The human mind is a labyrinth. We are attracted by the idea of the labyrinth because it primarily encourages the spirit of adventure, the desire to challenge nature and the taste for risk. The way we venture into it makes us understand the nature of our thoughts. The infinite human curiosity, uncertainty in deeply understanding yourself and others, the sense of mystery, which ultimately demonstrates how the labyrinth itself is more a concept inside the human mind than a real place with physicality. The way we find the exit makes us understand the essence of our soul.

Mirrors are representing the reflection of everything is in us. When a message is delivered to us, we tend to go through a journey in our mind by thinking and reflecting on its meaning. The curved mirrors generate a distorted view of reality as is perceived by our mind. It is all about understanding. Our thoughts and other people ideas and opinions walk in and out our minds, sometimes stay trapped, other times can find their way out.

Photo by Alice Poli

Video by Carlo Valenti

Sculptures by the sea Cottesloe 2022

Beyond Doorways - Oltre le porte

This work is an expression of the concept of the continued inner self debate: “what is that prevails in our lives when we take a decision? Reason or instinct?” Instinct and reason play a major role into the way we make our choices. It is up to us which door we want to open and take the next step. The installation consists in the use of recycled doors painted orange (the colour of instinct), and yellow (the colour of reason). Each panel door is covered in mirrored material to reflect reality that surrounds us , ourself and even other decisions(doors).

We can go through different doorways, crossing one door can make us succeed or fail in our journey. Reason reflects reality, whilst instinct reflects our soul. The direction of humanity is based on such individual decision.

Sculptures by the sea 2022 cottesloe Erica Zaino.jpg

Photo by Albert Cherut

Sculptures by the sea 2022 cottesloe Erica Zaino03.jpg

Photo by Julia Bontenpo

Video by Carlo Valenti

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