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Lexus Design Award 2023


An acoustic chamber, a cocoon sound proofed and sheltered from the noise of the outside world. a place of refuge, a sanctuary particularity for the vulnerable in our communities. A fusion of state of the art design, wrapped in the simplicity of surrounds which mimic the most basic of natural form, a cocoon. an auditory experience that allows learning for children with specific needs.


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For example the tactile  concentric nature of the shapes can be detected by the impaired vision children whom will also be able to concentrate the senses on the earring.  braille pins can be inserted into the surface as a learning tool.  The manufacture is by using laser cut acoustic panels generating a parametric cocoon like shape. because of its shape the environment should fell sound proof from external noise. in bedded into the design there are two speakers which are supposed to emit calming noises and assist with learning.
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